Who’s Mark W King and why should I listen to his podcast?

That’s what I’d be asking if I were you. Too many podcasts and blogs arrogantly present themselves as experts when they aren’t. So here’s the short scoop on me and links to other bios if you care to read more.

My Unique Perspective – I’ve seen a zillion venture backed companies over my 17 years in the venture capital.  More than most VCs actually. 

I’m a venture lender and venture lending is a scale business. That leads to underwriting and managing a lot of deals.  I actively monitor dozens of deals at a time.  I don’t go as deep into a company as a VC, but I get a broader view.  Because I have real capital at risk, I get much more depth than I bankers and other service providers who are super broad in their perspective.

Equally important, I work with lots of different venture capital firms and partners.  I’ve seen their successes and their failures.  I’m fortunate to work in a very data rich environment.

My Unique Career Path – Since graduating from Wheaton College in 1988, I’ve been involved in entrepreneurial finance.  The theme to my career is loaning money to entrepreneurs who on the surface didn’t look like they could pay it back.

I started worked in international micro lending and urban development lending.  Then I took the plunge into Venture Debt.  Since 1997 I’ve had the privilege of working with the same core group of people.  We’ve moved firms a few times and experienced the peaks and valleys of the venture capital cycle together.  It’s been a great ride.

Along the way I picked up my MBA at Kellogg/Northwestern, majoring in Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Non-profit Management.  I also sat for and received the Chartered Financial Analyst charter.

Here’s where you can find more info on me:  LinkedIn Profile  Official Ares Profile  Also, SlideShare/LinkedIn has a fun tool for creating a pitch out of your profile.  I’ve put mine down below.

Why Listen to My Podcast? – Great question!  Over the years I’ve worked with some truly awesome venture capitalists and management teams.  Sadly some of them don’t see the success they’d  hoped for.  But I’ve always learned from these investors and entrepreneurs, regardless of the outcome.  I’ve always wished others could also learn their hard-won wisdom.  I discovered lots of talk about learning from failure, but very little actual learning.   So that’s why I launched The Venture Capital Coroner’s Report.

In short…I hope that you can be more successful by learning from others’ failures.

Please listen, comment and suggest a guests and topics.  Let me know where I’m failing, so that I can get better.

Thanks and don’t forget…everybody fails, make sure you do it successfully!